Friday, June 19, 2009

Pot Tripping II

Stoned as fucking shit right now! Great high tonight! WOW

Here is the second of my Pot Tripping series. I like it! Sort of dreamlike but fuck I am baked right now! LOL

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Photo for my friends at

A nice person at the Forum asked for members to see photos. This is the photo I used. Hello all you fucking great stoners at the forum at!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Pot Tripping

Every now and then when I am totally baked and chilling, I like to get on my PC and make my "Pot Tripping" graphics. As time goes by I will add more. If you want to send graphics and photos for me to use (yeh naked is great!) send them to with maybe your ideas and next time I'm frigging stoned and feeling creative I will make a new graphic, maybe with yer pics and ideas!

Yep that is me in the middle of this pic! I love being bareass in the woods. Man is there any other way to feel fucking closer to the GOOD LORD and Nature? Fuck NO! :)

Curling My Toes!

I suppose my personal blog would not be right unless I wrote an entry on one of my very favorite "places" to be; laying back naked, chilling, big bowl of weed to toke on, legs spread wide apart, my cock sticking straight up all fat and swollen and while I am toking on my big bowl of weed all the while I am getting incredibly good head. Yep! Pot, I swear has got to be the #1 aphrodisiac created by the very Good Lord himself for all his mankind to enjoy fucking beautiful sex.
Any time I am toking and getting blown, there are moments my toes literally curl big time. Talk about comfort and the big warm and fuzzy feeling. Brings to mind one of my favorite tunes, "Comfortably Numb".
I am blessed for at my age (60) I still love to party and it’s unbelievable how I enjoy sex as much or more at this stage of the game than ever before in my life. Fucking unreal man! I have a few fine stoner friends who love to party too and we get together and have a fine time fucking and sucking and carrying on like fucking jack rabbits. Smoking weed and watching high quality porn is fucking nice too! I am so bless to be bi-sexual and damn can some men suck cock out there! I mean what is the fucking big deal.. light up a bowl, smoke, smoke and smoke, get fucking baked and BLOW! Oh YEH!

Responsibility for young folk

I just responded to a forum issue on as to whether young folk should smoke pot or not. The question posted was: "Am I Wrong In Thinking It's Ok For 16 year olds to smoke weed????" Just thought I would share my two cents with you on this. Here is my response:

I think it is perfectly alright for a 16 year old to smoke weed. The important factor here is that he/she is taught to enjoy it responsibly. I was 13 when I started smoking weed back in 1962, 47 years ago! Weed was illegal back then as it is today but in 1962 there wasn’t so much paranoia attached to it. Fuck, most people didn’t even know what it was. My grandpa gave me my first hit back then. On his small farm, he grew tons of it for his own enjoyment and for the enjoyment of his friends. He was never a dealer. He smoked it all the time and one day I just asked him what this funny smelling pipe tobacco he smoked was. Just like that, he offered his pipe to me (A regular smoking pipe that all men used back then) and I took a hit. I was already smoking cigarettes regular back then so my first toke was easy. After a few tokes I got a nice buzz and never looked back. Fuck, back then we never even looked at it as a drug.. It was just this shit you grew in yer backyard! The important thing is that he taught me a lot of things on how to be responsible with it. And also advised me that when I needed to get a buzz, use weed instead of booze. He never touched liquor at all. My dad was OK with me smoking it since he smoked it all the time himself. But they both instilled common sense in me about weed as to not let it interfere with your obligations in life. Weed was for feeling good and getting high and don’t be a stupid fuck and smoke it before school or work or church (LOL!). So much is taboo today and all this shit is swept under the carpet with the dumb fuck "just say no" attitude. I am not advocating sticking a reefer in every babe’s mouth but things would be a lot better if young people would be taught how to responsibly use weed and liquor. The same goes for sex too. Rather than be educated about "life" young people today have parents who are sticking their heads in the sand or up their asses. I know only one thing and that is my grandpa was 96 when he passed and my dad was 94 when he died last sept. Up until the night before he died my dad enjoyed his "chocolate brownies" and milk every night. Dad, you were the fucking best!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sex Drugs and Rockin Fuckin Roll!

I got no fucking idea where this blog will go. I am not even sure why I am creating it. I suppose the main reason is maybe some of you other fellow older hippies will get in touch with me and we can talk about the old days. Drugs sex and rock and roll eh!

This world today is not quite what I imagined it would be like when I was a gullible fuck back in the 1960s. Yep, I still smoke my weed... can't imagine life without it.

Shit, I have been sucking on my water pipe for over an hour now and I'm too fucking baked to keep writing this and that's good cuz when I wake up in the morning who knows what letters will travel from my stinky dope brain to my fingertips and onto the keyboard.

Shit, I a fucking high! Going to go listen to some Stones and Zeppelin for a bit ..mmm maybe some Cream too.. Wheels of Fire!!! Smoke more dope, watch some dirty movies and squeeze my lemon till the fucking jizz er I mean juice runs down my legs.

Love you all