Monday, June 15, 2009

Curling My Toes!

I suppose my personal blog would not be right unless I wrote an entry on one of my very favorite "places" to be; laying back naked, chilling, big bowl of weed to toke on, legs spread wide apart, my cock sticking straight up all fat and swollen and while I am toking on my big bowl of weed all the while I am getting incredibly good head. Yep! Pot, I swear has got to be the #1 aphrodisiac created by the very Good Lord himself for all his mankind to enjoy fucking beautiful sex.
Any time I am toking and getting blown, there are moments my toes literally curl big time. Talk about comfort and the big warm and fuzzy feeling. Brings to mind one of my favorite tunes, "Comfortably Numb".
I am blessed for at my age (60) I still love to party and it’s unbelievable how I enjoy sex as much or more at this stage of the game than ever before in my life. Fucking unreal man! I have a few fine stoner friends who love to party too and we get together and have a fine time fucking and sucking and carrying on like fucking jack rabbits. Smoking weed and watching high quality porn is fucking nice too! I am so bless to be bi-sexual and damn can some men suck cock out there! I mean what is the fucking big deal.. light up a bowl, smoke, smoke and smoke, get fucking baked and BLOW! Oh YEH!

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